by Lindzie White

The college announces that Max Kennedy has won the election and is the official
Student Trustee of Cape Cod Community College. “The election was hotly contested; over 100 votes were cast by Cape Cod students finding resonance with Kennedys’ platform,” said Asher Hamilton Student Engagement Coordinator.

Kennedy is a first-year Communication Studies Major and a self-described
non-traditional student determined to be a catalyst to increase kindness and awareness that everyone uniquely learns and grows. Kennedy is co-authoring a book with his father called: (“Kind Wave”). The book tackles the subject of succeeding despite unfavorable odds and aspiring to build a genuine positivity coalition. Kennedy stated, “I might have the perfect blend of lived experiences to bridge the generational gulf between the student population and the college leadership.”

One of the questions asked during the candidate forum was directly related to empathy
and how the candidate will bring empathy and compassion to this position as they represent/advocate for the students of 4C’s, particularly those who feel they don’t have a voice. Kennedy answered the question saying, “My pre-college career was defined by an IEP because I suffered with undiagnosed anxiety and needed extra minutes to complete tests. I over complicated because I thought so deeply about everything. School and social life were often embarrassing and a daily struggle to survive. I felt alone and invisible in my pain.

Since being treated for anxiety, I have developed ways to succeed by harnessing my uniqueness and empathy towards others.” Many students tuned in and related to Kennedys’ struggle with anxiety and for that they felt more comfortable with a Student Trustee who understands the unspoken student issues.

During the last candidate forum both candidates were asked this question by the
moderator Amber Olson, “What do you feel is the biggest problem facing the student body this semester due to operating remotely?” Kennedy shared his perspective as a current student by saying, “Sociability suffers because the human connection is so important to foster a friendly learning environment. It is the biggest challenge, but also the biggest opportunity.

If the Board commits to overcompensating with as many virtual academic, social and support events, it can be overcome until the world is healthy again.”
Now that the Student Trustee Election is over and Kennedy has secured the position, he is
looking forward to the meeting students during the All Student Meeting on Monday the 16th, at 2:00pm- 3:00pm. Join the conversation and learn about what the Student Government Association is up to this semester and the agenda items that are being tackled to help better the 4C’s student body.

To directly reach out to Kennedy, students can reach out to him by sending an email to
his student email. As a Student Trustee it is in his position to listen to students and their
concerns, Kennedy says, “ Everybody has something, and everyone needs help. We are all
unique, and the same. We have to celebrate differences and lift everyone up. I would recognize and encourage others to embrace their own unique superpowers.” Get to know the new Student Trustee and learn about the opportunities that are being created to connect with the student body.

Any student can email to learn more