By Katharine Lemiuex

Set in the year of 1884, Enola Holmes is on a quest to find her runaway mother, outsmart her two older brothers, and find her inner self and freedom. It is a lot to handle for the sister of Sherlock Holmes, whose age and gender cause her much grief and a multitude of hardships. Although she faces these struggles, her feistiness and determination will not be demolished under any circumstance. The Netflix film “Enola Holmes” directed by Harry Bradbeer, Enola demonstrates this to everyone who was suspect to believe her.

After waking up on her 16th birthday to find her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) gone, Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) finds herself unenthusiastically under the care of her two older brothers, Mycroft Holmes (Sam Clafin) and Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill), who is the famous English detective. Unfortunately for Enola, Mycroft wants to ship her off to finishing school, but Enola, who has been raised single handedly by her mother to be a strong independent woman, rejects the idea of her identity being turned into such domestication.

Driven by a number of clues left behind by her mother, Enola slips away from the grasp of her two older brothers to the big and political city of London. On her way to the famous city, she stumbles across Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge), a youthful lord who is also on the run from an asphyxiating future. Enola and Lord Tewkesbury form an anticipated, but no less sentimental bond.

 As the story continues on, Enola maintains her search for her mother and also revels in some other mysteries in the process. Meanwhile, the country of England is on the edge of revolution, with an extension of voting rights to women being determined in the House of Lords. “Enola Holmes” concentrates on the chances of democracy, including the pursuit of suffragists contending for their right to vote and proper representation. The film is brilliantly strong in harmonizing these expansive subjects with Enola’s unexpected undertaking. That is because of the work done by Brown. She provided an energetic performance that breathed new life into the Holmes family and world.

 In the beginning of the film “Enola Holmes,” viewers see a young woman who is in search of her inner self, but as viewers continue to watch the film, they will see a deeper, more profound inspection of political power, familial relationships and the risks of changing a world resolute while remaining the same.