4Cs and Curry College sign transfer agreement. /Photography courtesy of curry.edu

by Giana Pollock

Are you looking to complete your bachelor’s degree closer to home? Nancy McCann, the Assistant Director for Continuing and Graduate Studies at Curry College, has offered an inside look at the Curry College Program through Cape Cod Community College (4Cs). 

“Curry College and 4Cs leaders have officially signed a transfer agreement that provides 4Cs graduates the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s degree through Curry College’s Division of Continuing Education and Graduate Studies” said McCann. 

This program is known as a 3 plus 1, where a student completes three years at 4Cs and their fourth year at Curry College, resulting in a bachelor’s degree. 

“Under the agreement, Curry College will accept all of the 4Cs associate degree credits,” said McCann. “Students may potentially transfer additional credits up to a maximum of 90, allowing them to study at 4Cs for up to three years if they choose. Curry will waive all general education requirements for those with an earned associate’s degree which allows more flexibility for transfer credits. 4Cs students will also be eligible to receive Curry’s Education Partner Pricing, which offers graduates a reduced per-credit tuition rate of $375 per credit and no fees.”

More opportunities can be found on the Education Partner Transfer Agreement: 4Cs to Curry website, found through Curry.edu.

As stated on the website students in the program will, “experience the same one-on-one student support encountered at 4Cs at Curry College with its small college campuses, small class size, and individualized academic advising.”

One of the many great aspects of this program is the fact that there is no deadline for applying. 

McCann explained, “Curry College’s Division of Continuing Education and Graduate Studies offers an open admissions policy. Classes are run in an eight-week format with six opportunities to enroll each academic year.”

And even better, the student will also save money if they decide to continue on receiving a graduate degree through Curry. 

“Students who plan to continue on to a graduate program offered by Curry will receive a 20% alumni discount,” said McCann. 

From the Curry College website, there are currently six main majors to choose from through the Program.

The curry.edu website stated, “Stay on the same career path or change majors- without losing credits: Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Nursing: Rn to Bs, Psychology, Sociology.”

The Curry College Program offers a great new opportunity for students to factor in when considering their plans after earning their associate’s degree through 4Cs.