by Victoria Chiaramonte

How has COVID affected the outreach to students in need? ​

“We at the wellness center have tried not to interrupt services for students. We are utilizing zoom to check in with students and see them virtually.” 

What is the most common mental health issue among students coping with COVID? ​

“Many students have been experiencing high volumes of stress and anxiety. I believe students struggle with the feeling of loss of control and lack of a schedule or routine.  These cause anxiety in some and in others depression or even relapsing to drugs and alcohol use”. 

 What advice would you give to individuals who struggle coping during COVID?

“Try to create yourself a schedule. Include in that schedule breaks throughout the day.  Make a list of priorities daily and cross them off the list as you do them. Practice self-care. Get your sleep.” 

 Are more or less students reaching out to 4C’s for help due to COVID?

“Students have steadily reached out to Wellness throughout COVID. Some have now figured out that they must find a way to live alongside COVID but need help making the plan to do so.” 

How would students go about getting help at 4C’s?

“Go to student wellness home page or email wellness to set up a zoom call. They can call into the number as well.” 

 Can students get help on campus?

“Many student services are operating virtually while having some face to face by appointment times on campus. Please check the relevant office on our website.  The CALM can respond to students in distress on campus if needed.”

What can we expect going forward?

“4C’s is committed to helping students and will do our best to get you to the right help and support be it on campus or virtually.  REACH OUT WE’RE HERE and WE CARE!”