By Lindzie White

 The members of Student Government Association for the academic year have been elected.  The executive members are President Caitlin Marotta, Vice President Lindzie White, Public Relations Officer Austin Fierley and no student trustee at this time. These are our elected student senators: Rebecca Brooks, Theo Calianos, Justin Corl, Charissa Currier, Dennis Ferrante, Josh Francis, Joshua Maloney, Rebecca Michel, Derek Montecalvo, Michelle Pollock, Howard Reed, Lauren Scheffer and Konroy Williams. Many of the Fall agenda items that the SGA is tackling are rising issues such as transitioning to the virtual world, maintaining focus on equity at 4C’s, and part-time student opportunities.

The revitalization of the Student Government Association has been in the works for the last year and a half here at Cape Cod Community College. The accomplishments of the SGA speak to the success of the revitalization efforts in regard to tackling the issues facing the students of 4C’s. The SGA leaders continue making waves by working on amending the Massachusetts General Law, so that Student Trustees can be part time. Reconstruction of the SGA constitution has also been an ongoing priority for SGA, as the last recorded constitution is from the 1960’s. Coordinating with clubs to support their funding for activities and funding, has also been a priority. Aside from the items listed above, SGA is working outside of the organization to help get students involved on campus and with the virtual campus.

 The SGA is working with the student engagement office and clubs to host a multi-cultural event for the fall semester for the students. The multi-cultural event is going to be a collaborative of clubs that come together and celebrate the diverse community at 4C’s in a remote setting. The student body of 4Cs has become increasingly diverse and represents a smaller composite of the demographic changes that we are experiencing as a nation. “The intention of the event is to create awareness about communities that have not been positively represented in our curriculum or in our collective memories of history,” states Asher Hamilton, the director of Student Engagement. When you are hungry for human connectivity but don’t have a lot to say, think about a little friendly competition. This year we are introducing classic games for groups virtually. Take for instance; Trivia, JackboxTV or Karaoke, Scavenger Hunt. This is now going to be done virtually via Zoom. The president of SGA, Caitlin Marotta, is hoping to collaborate with more campus clubs and organizations for the event. She asks that, “ Club leaders reach out to me or any member of SGA, if they are interested in participating in the planning of the event, so that we can get everyone involved and have fun celebrating our differences.”

 The Office of Student Engagement will be focusing on heritage backgrounds with coordinated activities pertaining to that culture. The event will be held November 16th through the 20th, through our virtual campus. More information will be available in the coming months. Please stay tuned and write your elected student leaders with any questions or concerns.