by Joshua Nawoichik

As Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) students returned from their spring break to a completely new style of learning remotely they were faced with a similar lack of motivation that working from home seems to be inhibiting on students nationwide. Students now forced to move back and complete the year online are losing motivation not only to keep up with assignments, but some find it hard to attend classes all together. Professors are desperately trying for their students to watch the online lessons and continue showing up to the Zoom meetings but at this point in the semester even some professors can be found feeling lost, and who can blame them?

“I find it to be a lot harder to actually learn the subjects trying to be taught,” said 4Cs student Autumn Campinha.

Not only is this harder for students, but it is harder for professors as well. Many of the teachers are accustomed to reading and grading papers that are actually in their hands and not on a computer screen. In addition to this, they have to transfer all of their in-person classes onto Moodle and hope all of their students take away the same amount of information that they paid for.

“It is not the teachers’ fault,” said Campinha “They aren’t used to teaching online.”

Some students have expressed that finding the motivation to go online and open up a power point on our own time is much more difficult than being forced to go to class by attendance rules put in place by the teachers.

4Cs student Michael Fitzgerald said, “Even though we now have only online classes, some of the stress of taking an in-person class is gone.”


Finding a new routine during this time and forcing yourself to stick to it is what has helped Fitzgerald stay on track.

“Something I have tried to do is replacing going to actual class with my online class,” said Fitzgerald. “In other words, I try to do my online classes at the same time as I would show up to campus.”

This might help students stay within the school mindset and make it feel more like they are attending their on-campus classes. Pick a place where you can be productive in your house and only use that space for schoolwork. This is a way to help students mentally distinguish school from home and help keep distractions away until they are finished with the work.

Another thing that might help is actually leaving your house once a day, for a drive or a walk. Those leaving the house are advised still to follow the recommended social distancing guidelines.

Finding motivation during the pandemic may be difficult, but it is not impossible. As students enter the final stretch of the semester and as finals come into sight those struggling are encouraged to reach out to their professors. Everyone is facing these uncertain times together and 4Cs offers a community of people ready to help you succeed.