By Jarod Deegan

Although Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) closed its campus to the public, Suitcase Stories Unpacked continued their planned training sessions online via Zoom. Giving people the training, they’d hoped for when they signed up for the lessons.

“The trainer, Cheryl Hamilton, invited two of her regular Suitcase Storytellers to our Zoom meeting,” says Cindy Pavlos, Administrative Assistant at 4Cs, via email. “We first watched videos of their stories, and then had the chance to talk with them and question them about their stories and process. And then had a very successful two-hour Zoom training.”

Of the 21 people that showed up to the first training session on March 11th, only about half of them were able to attend the online meeting for the second training session on March 25th.

All plans for public showcasing of the trainee’s stories have been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. Although there is still a chance the stories will be heard over the airways on the college’s radio station, WKKL.

“The plan is to continue polishing and perfecting the stories they are working on, with Cheryl’s help, and then to record them,” says Pavlos. “And hopefully, produce a WKKL radio show featuring the stories.”

At this point in time there has been no confirmation on specific dates and times these stories will be broadcasted. Pavlos is still currently working with WKKL to get the stories recorded and on the air.