All photographs courtesy of Bruce McDaniel.

by Bruce McDaniel

In these trying times, it is important to find the beauty in life. That can be very hard with so much darkness surrounding us, but if you look hard enough you can find the light.

Just the other day, I myself tried to find some good in the world, right here on the Cape. I took a drive to Brewster and found sure signs of Spring. I went all along route 6A and found hope in the form of growing flowers and beautiful nature. I thought all of you might enjoy the views and so I took out my camera and started to take pictures of my beautiful surroundings. II just wanted to bring some happiness to a pretty dreary Spring so far.

It is important to note that I did in fact stay in my car, so as not to contact the virus or put myself and others at risk. If you can do safely, do yourself a favor and go for a drive or a walk (while practicing social distancing) and see these beautiful signs of Spring for yourself.