Hello MainSheet readers and welcome to our website!

As most people are aware, due to recent circumstances involving the calls for social distancing caused by a worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, schools including Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) have closed their campuses and moved all classes onto some mode of online formatting whether it be conference calls or simply emailing back and forth with students. For the MainSheet, 4Cs’ student-run newspaper, this means moving our paper from the page to the screen.

In the past, our website has acted as an additional resource for our physical publication whereas now our website will be our only source of reaching our readers. This means that now not only can people find past editions and stories on our site but they can also find current and constant updates about what’s going on during these uncertain times.

Whether it be local updates or national ones, stories reporting the science and facts or simply vignettes representing the acts of community and experiences that people are seeing during this time, the MainSheet hopes to act as a community forum for those who may be struggling with the loss of close-knit face-to-face interactions that is provided by attending classes on campus as opposed to online.

Everyone is dealing with the current crisis. No one is facing these new changes alone and everyone is learning and adapting in their own ways. Please read our stories and know that you are not alone. And more importantly than that, please feel free to contribute your own works to our newspaper as we are facing history in the making. It’s our job as journalists and as people to record that history from every angle we can. As days begin to blend into one another, know that your voice matters to us and to your school. So make your mark in history and share your story today.


Cassie LeBel, Editor-in-Chief

Mike Kehoe, Managing Editor