By Bruce McDaniel

On March 25, I took a ride down Route 28 and I was surprised that it didn’t take me very long to get to Hyannis, as traffic was very light. As I entered West Main street, I noticed that there were very few cars on the road leading to the hospital. As I drove further, I noticed that there were very few cars in parking lots. It reminded me of a ghost town of the old west.

I drove to Best Buy to see if they were open, as I do need a new computer, and they were closed. The parking lot was bare and there were no cars to be seen. From there, I drove to Cape Cod Community College (4Cs). I entered the college through the normal route and tried to park in parking lot A, but was turned back by security because they had set up a COVID-19 testing area. I drove to parking lot C and took a photograph of the empty spaces all around me. There were no students or staff around that I could see, and so I left.

Hyannis was like a ghost town. I have never seen it so quiet and I’ve lived here since I was a kid. I took several pictures to prove my point and really, like so many of you, I felt kind of lonely that day, seeing all the emptiness around town.