by Reece Roth

The Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) Educational Foundation is offering a plethora of scholarships for current and incoming students.  

There are three different types of scholarships being offered. The first are non-commencement scholarships, which are offered to incoming 4Cs students that are set to take classes during the fall semester. The second are commencement scholarships, which are available to current 4Cs students that will be graduating with a degree, or plan on transferring credits while attending another college or university. There are also scholarships for those in the Project Forward program, whether they are new or returning students and if they are taking vocational classes. Those that are taking part in Project Forward are eligible for six different scholarships. Students can keep applying, and they can receive scholarships more than one year if they are attending 4Cs.   

It is relatively easy for anyone to see if they are eligible to earn any of the many available scholarships. The simplest way to do so is by registering online, by going on to the program’s website. Once there, you will be asked to complete a common questionnaire, which asks questions involving your major and GPA. Overall, this process shouldn’t take more than half an hour to do. 

4Cs currently has an estimated 2,900 students. However, only about 400 to 500 students apply to see if they are eligible for any scholarships available. The goal for this year is to get more students to apply for the scholarships, whether they are non-commencement, commencement, or for those in Project Forward.  

“I really can’t think of a situation where someone would not be eligible,” said Judy Widger, the Finance and Database administrator for the Cape Cod Community College Educational Foundation. “In terms of money, I think 2020 will be our biggest year yet.”  

The scholarships are all privately funded. Those who donate can choose what criteria they want students to fit to earn a specific scholarship. In total, $275,000 have been raised for these student scholarships this year. More and more people donate to this cause, and it opens up even more opportunities for students to benefit. 

“We’ve got a number of brand-new scholarships this year,” said Nancy Willets, who serves as the faculty representative to the Cape Cod Community College Educational Foundation. “It’s wonderful to know that there are people in the community who support our students. These scholarships are the proof that they believe in you and want to help you succeed.”  

When the donators choose their criteria, the committee will decide what applicants fit them best. When it comes time to distribute scholarships, the Educational Foundation will narrow them down, starting with the more specific ones. The most common scholarships offered are for those in STEM and nursing. They are spread out as much as possible, so that everyone can have a chance at receiving one.  

Students are informed if they are getting a scholarship in early May. However, when they first find out, they are not told what specific scholarship it is that they are receiving. These students are then invited to the Evening of Excellence, which is scheduled to be held on May 14 of this year. At the event, the students attending are awarded their scholarship, which is the same time they figure out what it is exactly that they are earning.  

The deadline to apply for scholarships this year is March 6. Take advantage of these opportunities, so go ahead and apply. You never know what you’ll be eligible for until you see for yourself!