by Jhteneck Duran

It is no easy task being a dual enrollment student at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs). Trying to balance both high school and college at the same time is very challenging. It takes a strongminded person, let alone a young student, to be able to tackle the hard work that college has to offer, on top of going to high school and trying to focus and finish your career there. Not many people are prepared or even ready to start college, but the dual enrollment students take the challenge and face it head on.

“The whole idea of dual enrollment is having a small community of people who are willing to change the norms and be different than the rest of their peers,” said 4Cs Dual Enrollment Coordinator Sharon Boonstra.

Dual enrollment student Dylan Burridge wanted to further his education and was looking to achieve a feat that his high school peers would not imagine doing.

“I wanted to be unique and not just part of the high school crowd,” said Burridge. “It’s a whole new experience that is fun and exciting and you feel like you are making your own path and you are not following the traditional education path. Also you get a jump on earning credits for college so your first semester of transferring can be easier and less stressful.”

Burridge is doing everything that he can to get his diploma and go on to a four-year college where he is looking to play football and be able to receive his sports medicine degree.

According to Burridge, there is a massive difference in the level of help in high school and college.

“College is not easy,” Burridge stated. “There is a lot of work outside of school, but the professors are willing to put in time and the effort to help you succeed. Unlike most high school teachers I have had.”

The professors here at 4Cs are always willing to help students with any problems they are facing in the class. The tutoring center is also a great help because students are fortunate enough to have a one-on-one help session with a peer tutor.

The college has an atmosphere of help and support that a lot of students do not realize or take advantage of. The opportunities that the college has to offer to its students are plentiful and extremely helpful.

Being a dual enrollment student has its advantages. Universities will look fondly on students who rise to the challenge and students get the opportunity to challenge themselves and achieve their goals. Students get to meet new people and build friendships with other college students, all while the students get a head start on the college experience.

“[4Cs] is great for dual enrollment students,” said Boonstra. “Cape Cod Community College is a very supportive and respectful community to be a part of and has a lot of great students and professors.”