By Reece Roth 

Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) has a wide variety of clubs for students to join and take part in. One of these unique organizations is the Ukulele Club, where ukulele players of all levels of experience can come and share their instrumental skills.

The club was first established at 4Cs in the fall of 2018. The idea to start it up was recommended by a student at the time, and in its first five weeks the club was entirely student run. After the student in charge left school, the Ukulele Club continued on due to the interest that some of the remaining members still had in it.

Jerry Skelley, a professor here at 4Cs, is currently the instructor that is running the club. While Skelley has proven to be a talented ukulele player himself, he’s only been playing for about two years. He got his first ukulele roughly four years ago.

He also teaches the guitar class at 4Cs, and believes that if someone can play the guitar, the ukulele will come easy to them.

Along with playing the instruments, Skelley has become interested in the art of painting his ukuleles. He finds kits that are available for relatively cheap, most costing around $30. So far, he has painted about 10 ukuleles. His first kit was repainted five times before he was satisfied with it. Some of his designs include two modeled after electric guitars and a purple one for his daughter, since purple is her favorite color.

The club has been working on growing and expanding. They’re currently focused on purchasing a bass ukulele for every member to play. For any new members joining the club, they are asked to bring their own ukulele, but the club will make sure that they have a spare available for use.

“I just want everyone to have a good time,” said Skelley, when asked about what the club wants people to experience.

The purpose of the club is for ukulele players of any skill level to come and play music with likeminded individuals. Members can suggest songs to learn as well as share their own experiences and what they’ve learned with others.

I’ve always loved playing the ukulele,” said club member Natalie Salvador. “And I thought it would be good to have a place to practice in a group setting.”

Salvador has been playing the ukulele since she was 16 years old. Her favorite part of the club has been learning the new songs. She encourages people to come to the club and check it out.

“There are people of all experience levels,” said Salvador. “And it’s free, so why not try something new?”

Emmanuela Murphy, another member of the Ukulele Club, has been playing the instrument for two years and the club was recommended to her by a friend.

“My favorite part of the club so far has been getting to play the songs we learn,” said Murphy. “I’d highly recommend joining to anyone that has shown an interest in the club.”

If you play the ukulele and are looking to meet up with other members of the community who do as well, come along and check out the Ukulele Club. They meet every Wednesday afternoon at 2 PM in the music room located in the Tilden Arts Center.