By Victoria Chiaramonte

With all of the hard work the students put in to make the Sea Change magazine the best that it could be, the reward finally came to fruition. Sea Change 2019 has won second place in the Eastern Division Literary Magazine Contest for the Community College Humanities Association.

“The plaque is now hanging in the Language and Literature Department,” said Sea Change Professor Rebecca Griffin.

The pages of the Sea Change magazine are filled with photography and poetry created by the students in way that inspires their creativity. The team as a whole did very well, but there were some individual accolades as well.

“More than that…Isabella Cantillano-Sanchez won first place for Best Photography, Eastern Region for ‘Factory Girl’ and Victoria MacIsaac won first place for Best Artwork, Eastern Region for ‘Royal Eye’…This is well-deserved recognition for you all,” said Griffin.

The class, entitled “Producing a Magazine of the arts” (or ENL 170), is designed to incorporate creative art and literature into a magazine produced by the students alone.

“When we arrive there is nothing,” said ENL 170 student Leslie O’Neil-Peters. “We start as a blank canvas. We have our desk and computer and we just started to brainstorm to gather information as a group. We hashed out all the problems together beforehand. We had to develop a criteria and really just start from ground zero.”

O’Neil-Peters had nothing but good things to say about the class. Other students claim that they really found a family at Sea Change, and a community that they could create a common goal with. Having the same mission provides a sense of teamwork and a freeing social atmosphere to share ideas and compare experiences with art.

Griffin is always looking for students that are willing to join and share their creativity with Sea Change and the class. Anyone can join and learn how to produce a magazine that looks as put together and artistic as possible.

“Students who are interested in creating the next Sea Change can still sign up for ENL170: ‘Producing a Magazine of the Arts’ next semester,” said Griffin. “The course will run Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30 PM to 1:45 PM,”

Anyone can come and learn and any prior experience is not necessary. There are many different aspects to producing a magazine, from editing to photography and even writing poetry. All of these aspects will be taught in ENL 170.

Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) is very proud to acknowledge the reward this magazine has received because of all the hard work that was put into it.

“I’m so excited that this group of [ENL 170] students won this award,” said Griffin. “They worked really hard and were so enthusiastic. This is well deserved recognition for their efforts.”

Many students and faculty across campus have looked at and loved this magazine for all the great information and creativity it holds with no professional help needed. Spring semester is right around the corner and if anyone feels that this class would be beneficial to them, there should be no hesitation to register for ENL 170 and share with everyone the beautiful magazine that is Sea Change.