By Victoria Chiaramonte

The end of the fall semester is right around the corner, which means that it is time to start thinking about what classes to take in the spring. Registration at Cape Cod Community College opened on November 4, and ends the week after spring semester classes actually start.

Registering for new classes is a lot simpler than one may think. A student simply needs to go to their assigned academic adviser, and they will help you from there. Picking and choosing your classes is the part that is completely up to you. Whatever you decide to pursue, your adviser will help you achieve.

“You should always register sooner rather than later, because classes fill up,” said Jane Graves, 4Cs Administrative Assistant in the registration department. “You get the choice of the section you want and the times you want. You get to talk to your adviser about what works best for you and your schedule and what is going to help you get your degree sooner. Coming too late may make you give up the best schedule for you.”

Students oftentimes find that going early is helpful to them and helps their semester run smoother for the following year.

“Of course, it is helpful to sign up for classes earlier than later because you can get into the classes that you like and want to attend much faster and easier,” said Jhteneck Duran, a 4Cs student.

The process is one that you can truly make your own and decide what professors you love and what material you want to learn for yourself.

Checking to see if your account has any holds or issues can be a huge help before actually going and getting registered. Before you register for spring, you may need to sign and fill out an insurance waiver. It is also possible that you may need to go to the business office for financial holds. Either way, it is wise to go and make sure there aren’t any issues with your account so that when registering, it can go smoothly with your adviser, without any holds or delays.

It is also good to research your professors and decide which ones suit you the most. Ask the advisers about what professors teach what and what they excel in. It is always smart to make sure that the professors you have fit your needs. Everyone learns differently and students can set themselves up for success if they do some research before signing up for classes.

So speaking to your adviser is the first step, but what if you are not sure who your adviser is? It’s simple. You can go to the college website and click on the ‘My4Cs’ link on the top of the page. Don’t forget to be signed in to your student account, so that the website knows which adviser to send you to. There should be a link on that page that says ‘My Adviser’.

“If you go on the 4Cs website there is a link that shows the instructions on how to register if you are not exactly sure how to start,” said Graves.

You can make an appointment with your adviser and schedule time in advance to pick your schedule, or you can simply show up at their office if they aren’t busy. It is totally normal for students to be confused about which classes to select, and meeting with your adviser is key to determine what the best plan of action is. Advisers are there for you and they really do care. They are here at 4Cs to make sure the students have the best plan possible in order to achieve all the goals they wish to accomplish.