Zammer luncheon

Photograph of Head Chef Jordan Collings

By Jarod Deegan

Every Thursday at 12 PM, Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts students host a special on-campus luncheon in the Grossman Commons right next to the cafeteria. These events are hosted and operated by students for any and all faculty members or students at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs).

“What we make is completely up to the students,” says Chef Jordan Collings, an Advanced Culinary student, “and each one of us has a job to do.”

Those who attend luncheons are served a full three course meal. On Thursday the 24, Chef Collings treated his guests with a festive Octoberfest Jagerschnitzel (a thinly pounded pork cutlet that is breaded and fried), topped with a mushroom and sour cream gravy, and served with sides of mashed potatoes and braised red cabbage. As an appetizer they served a creamy tomato bisque, and finished off the meal with a New York style creamy cheesecake.

The luncheons offer a change of pace for anyone looking to switch up their usual lunch routine.

“It’s a treat,” said Pat Phelan, 4Cs Administrative Assistant. “I usually pack a lunch for work, but I like coming to support the students.”

These events are a part of the curriculum for the Dining Room Operations and the Advance Culinary Arts class.

“The course is designed to give the students a real and practical experience,” said Paul McCormick, the Coordinator of the Hospitality program, “in both running the kitchen and the dining room.”

It is expected that the student in both the Dining Room and Advanced Culinary classes will trade places with one another next semester so that they can get training on operating both sides of a restaurant.

Students in both the classes are assigned a date where they will be in charge of running the event. Students in the Dining Room Operations class are expected to design the ambiance of the dining room by deciding which color table cloths to use and what music to play, while the Advanced Culinary students decide what goes on the menu.

“I was a little nervous at first,” said Troy Briggs, a Hospitality student. “After doing it a couple times I’ve become more comfortable”.

The Fall 2019 semester has six total luncheons. So far the students have conducted five events. The final luncheon is on November 14. The menu for the last event will include mozzarella buttons, pan roasted duck breast, and maple crème brule.

If you wish to attend a Zammer luncheon, contact Crystal Knop at for information.