student employment

Photograph of Lizzie Andrewska and Christine Brosseau

By Karl Heine

For students of Cape Cod Community College (4Cs), school can sometimes be a full-time gig. But for those who wish to earn a little bit of money in their spare time, a part-time job can come in really handy. 4Cs does its best to help students find work, led by the Employment Office located right here on campus.

The Employment Office at 4Cs is run by job developer Dawn Harney. The Employment Office is located in the upstairs of the M.M. Wilkens building, and Harney is there on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM until 4 PM. Students are welcome to stop in, or schedule appointments via email at Harney can also be reached at her office number, 774-330-4336.

Harney is only on campus during her office hours in the spring and fall semesters, but the 4Cs job link, however, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“There are 104 jobs at the 4Cs job link, both part-time and full-time, all different,” said Harney.

Harney has more representatives ready to be lined up, and has spoken to Target, the US Census, a dermatology office and Not Your Average Joes. The 4Cs job link can be found on the college website at

Students at 4Cs can find representatives from a variety of local businesses in the south wing of the M.M. Wilkens building, typically on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 AM until 1:30 PM. This is thanks to the hard work and dedication of Harney, who works tirelessly to invite workplaces to campus to recruit student employees. Students are able to use this resource to seek employment, either part-time or full-time, across the Cape Cod community.

“We always need good people,” says Christine Brosseau, a representative of Banana Republic who’s been with the company for 26 years.

Brosseau and her associate, Lizzie Andrewska, talked with upwards of 30 students, with a few coming off as very interested in the job. Currently, Brosseau and Andrewska are only looking for part-time help, but that still comes with a number of benefits. Employees of Banana Republic receive health, dental and vision insurance plans, as well as an employee merchandise discount not just at Banana Republic, but also at other stores such as Gap, Old Navy and Althea. Employees also receive child and family care support, a 401k plan and a stock plan.

If that wasn’t enough to get students interested, Brosseau and Andrewska tried a little bribery by offering some sweet treats.

“It’s a great conversation starter,” said Andrewska, referring to the big bowl of Halloween candy on the table. The ladies had students take an application and coupon along with the pieces of candy, generating interest among the students.

Harney does her best to bring in good companies that positively affect the Cape Cod community. Banana Republic has been in the Cape Cod Mall and community for a while now, and is involved with a lot of community service in the area. They partner with the YMCA and help with ‘Healthy Kids Day’ and a program called ‘Adopt A Family’, as well as assisting with events such as backpack drives. Banana Republic also participates in a food drive with the Yarmouth Food Pantry.

If you are a student at 4Cs, the resources provided by the Student Employment Office and the 4Cs job link are open and available to you. With employer representatives visiting campus, as well as over 100 jobs available on the job link site, 4Cs is here to assist you in becoming employed.