Fitness Center op 2

By Evan Nikas

Exercise is a vital part of living an everyday healthy life. It is also a huge part of a college lifestyle for most students. No matter what community college or university you may come across, you will always find students participating in various activities on campus. Whether it be club or intramural sports, working out in the gym or playing a game of pickup basketball with friends, students find joy in the activity of exercise. Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) is no different.

The fitness center here on campus allows students to have a convenient place to be able to be active and work out. Looking to bulk up? The various free weights should do the trick. Want to run, but the weather isn’t holding up? Take that run on one of the treadmills in the center.

“The fitness center is open Monday through Thursday, from 8 AM until 6 PM, and anyone with a valid 4Cs ID can use it for free,” said Tracy Morin, Director of Student Engagement at 4Cs. “We have one group exercise class, ‘Head to Toe’, that is offered Monday and Wednesday from 12:15 PM until 1 PM. There are also a few one-credit classes that are held in the fitness center like pilates and yoga. In addition to the fitness center, we have a basketball gym, racquetball court and outdoor fields as well.”

Various amounts of activities and opportunities are offered to students regarding exercise and ways to stay active. Students can usually use the fitness center freely, but for those wondering if there are any restrictions to using the facilities at any point and time during their time on campus, there seems to only be one.

“During posted hours, yes, any student with a valid 4Cs ID can use the gym and other facilities,” said Morin.

If a student has a valid student ID on them while they are within the fitness center, they are more than welcome to use the facilities and equipment to exercise as much as they need or want. This includes use of the basketball and racquetball courts to ensure that the facilities are being used as intended and by students of the college.

“The fitness center has nine pieces of cardio equipment, including treadmills, bikes, elliptical machines and a brand-new rower,” said Nancy McIver, a physical therapy assistant here at the college. “For anyone that is interested in weight training, the fitness center has free weights, plated machines, bench presses, and cable machines. We also have medicine balls, yoga mats, and elastic bands for those interested in firming and toning.”

With a fitness center, and a fully functional gym capable of supporting pickup games of basketball and indoor soccer, many may wonder why 4Cs doesn’t hold a club or intramural league for students to freely make teams and compete amongst themselves. The simple answer is that those options are allowed at the school, there just isn’t anybody to run them currently. Despite that, Morin is still doing her best to let students know that 4Cs is open for play.

“The basketball and soccer games in the gym are actually advertised as intramural play,” said Morin. “They’re informal, but always held at the same time so students can come play with others who are interested in the same sport.”

One of the best things about the fitness center and its neighboring facilities is that no sign-ups are needed to attend and participate. Students can come and go as they please during the posted hours the center is open, allowing for students to find a perfect time to be active through a busy school schedule filled with courses and responsibilities.

For students looking for a place to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle, 4Cs has everything you need. No matter what you’re looking for, the fitness center has an abundance of options at the students’ fingertips, with a little something for everyone. If you have an interest in finding out more about intramural sports or fitness classes, drop in by the fitness center on the lower level of the gym.