Bill berry

By Paul Hadley

Cape Cod Community College (4Cs), is a terrific school full of accomplished teachers and staff. One such outstanding example is Professor Bill Berry. Berry has been a teacher at 4Cs for 12 years. Berry is a professor in the Department of Language and Literature teaching on-line and face-to-face English courses.

One of Berry’s greatest strengths as a teacher is his ability to add a little humor to class that lends itself to an understanding of the material for students.

“[Professor Bill Berry] adds humor and fun to each class,” said Comp II student Ben DeCoste. “It’s a rarity now a days for a teacher to make learning fun.”

“[He] fully engages his students in learning the material through a good sense of humor,” said Joshua Nawoichik, one of Berry’s English students.

“I try to bring a good sense of humor and attitude to every class because if you can’t laugh at yourself then it’s hard to laugh at anything,” said Berry.

Berry started his teaching career in Ohio in 1996 at the age of 25. There Berry began teaching his first writing classes. In his first years teaching he began to understand the theory of writing and how to put it into practice, shaping the teacher he is today.

Bill’s excellence as a teacher was acknowledged this past May when 4Cs honored Berry with the Excellence in Teaching Award recognizing the hard work he has put into his teaching career.

“[I was] humbled and honored to be nominated for the award,” said Berry.

Berry also has some other impressive accomplishments to his teaching career, 10 years ago he won a nomination of academic excellence for his PhD program. Berry stated it was another surprising honor that he was grateful for.

Berry also teaches two literature courses with exciting twists. Exploring the World of Science Fiction (ENL217), which will run in the upcoming Spring semester, and Masters of Horror (ENL219) offered in next year’s Fall semester.

Overall Professor Bill Berry has done a lot of good work in the 4Cs community, leading the youth to a bright future and successful careers. Most importantly, students who are lucky enough to have Professor Berry as a teacher are sure to learn in a friendly and fun environment.