Photo of Active Minds and ReStarT Club by Cassie LeBel

By Evan Nikas 

From radio lovers to writers and everything in-between, Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) students gathered for the Student Involvement Fair in the Grossman commons cafeteria on September 18. The Student Involvement Fair showcased many of the clubs and organizations available for students to join during the current Fall 2019 semester.

“The goal here is to make sure students know about the clubs and organizations here on campus, and get them involved,” said Tracy Morin, Director of Student Engagement at 4Cs. “Clubs and organizations allow students to become more involved with the community.”

Formally known as ‘Club Day’, the change to ‘Student Involvement Fair’ came from Morin. She explained that the change was made because there are more than just clubs for students to participate in and the name should reflect that fact.

Clubs and organizations provide more than just an experience and an extracurricular activity.

“The clubs here provide a sense of community and acceptance here on campus,” said Levi Bourke, President of the LGBTQ+ Club. “They build friendships and they expand outside of just the 4Cs community.”

Samantha Moriarty is the President of the 4Cs ‘Re-StarT’ club, which meets biweekly in South 114 with the Active Minds club. She explained that the goal of the ‘Re-StarT’ club is to act as a peer outlet for students returning to school. She wanted to give students a place to turn to for guidance on school as well as life matters.

For Moriarty, the Student Involvement Fair was a perfect way to spread the word.

“I feel like students just want someone they can talk to,” said Moriarty. “And they may find it hard to reach out to a professor to say ‘hey, I’m struggling’.”

Austin Fierley is Vice President of the Active Minds Club and President of the Veteran’s club. Both clubs center around advocating for the voice of the students, whether that be those struggling with their mental health or veterans in need of help with reintegrating into a ‘civilian community’.

The involvement fair is highly beneficial to clubs such as these whose purpose focuses on student support. Just the fact that it spreads awareness about clubs on campus is immensely helpful.

“If people don’t know about it, they won’t do anything about it,” Fierley said simply.

Here at 4Cs, there’s a little something here for everyone, students just need to know where to look! This year’s Student Involvement Fair was a huge success, leaving students with plenty of opportunities to share their interests with others across campus.