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Photos of Bruce Reilly by Cassie LeBel

By Mike Kehoe

Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) is currently on the hunt for a new Dean.

Dr. Kathy Vranos, who served a year long term as the Dean of Arts and Humanities here at 4Cs, got an offer she couldn’t refuse when another college came knocking at her door. She now holds the position of Vice President of Academic Affairs at Dean College, where she will oversee all the academic programming and supervise all academic leadership. A promotion like that would be hard for anyone to turn down, and the leadership at 4Cs wishes her nothing but the best in her future endeavors.

“Dean Vranos is missed,” said Arlene Rodriguez, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at 4Cs. “But we understand that this new position is a great opportunity for her and a long-time career goal.”

In a previous interview with the MainSheet, Vranos talked about all the different pots she had her hand in across campus. She oversaw academic programs and student success initiatives in her department, and she was in charge of the hands-on learning programs of the Media Board, such as WKKL and Sea Change.

“I really enjoy sitting on the Media Board,” Vranos said in November 2018. “Student leaders, faculty advisors and employers come together to review opportunities and generate ideas to maximize the student experience in our media vehicles.”

The leadership at 4Cs has rolled with the punches of this unexpected departure and an in-house interim Dean has already been appointed in English Professor Bruce Riley. Though at the moment he is only holding the job on an interim basis, that doesn’t mean he will be taking the job lightly.

“My main focus is to keep things running as smoothly as possible until the permanent Dean takes over,” Dean Riley said. “We will miss Dr. Vranos’ leadership skills and vision, but fortunately there are many dedicated, experienced folks who are more than capable of picking up any slack.”

When asked if he wanted to be considered for the job on a more permanent basis, Dean Riley played it cool.

“It’s interim and it’s very early days,” said Dean Riley. “So, while I’m leaning toward going back to my regular position, I’m not going to completely rule out applying for the permanent position if I feel like I can be of use in this role.”

According to vice-president Rodriguez, the school is planning to launch its search for a permanent replacement starting in late September or early October. The goal is to have the position filled by the Fall 2020 semester.

“As for pressing issues [related to the change], enrollment and retention are primary for all of us on campus,” said Rodriguez. “But the faculty in the division who worked with her on a day-to-day level are clearly the most affected.”

Vranos was also the driving force behind 4Cs brand new Social Media and Digital Marketing program. Getting this certificate program up and running is a top priority for the college, with a proposed launch date of Spring 2020. No doubt the college will have that prominently in mind throughout the interview process.

No matter his title, Dean Riley says that he has the same goal now that he has always had throughout his career, despite the new challenges he faces in his new role.

“There are some issues that need attention,” Dean Riley said. “But my main focus, from starting in the Tutoring Center, to being a teacher, to now, is to help as many individual students go as far as they can with their education and in their life.”