display case Juliana Alves

Photo of 4Cs student Juliana Alves

By Sam Albright

The display cases in Cape Cod Community College’s (4Cs) Wilkens Library plays host to a wide variety of exhibits, ranging anywhere from Cape Cod tourism to Japanese dolls.

According to the library’s website, “space is provided for displays of educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable nature and for exhibiting works of artist and craftspeople”.

Many of the exhibits have been produced by the library staff and Nickerson Archives, including displays on Native American history, Veteran’s Day significance and in memory of President John F. Kennedy.

“For the Kennedy Memorabilia exhibit, we displayed some local newspapers with coverage of his presidency and assassination, and also some issues of magazines like Life, Look and Time,” said library archivist Rebekah Ambrose-Dalton.

Some of these exhibits are done with consideration to library movements nation-wide, such as “Banned Book Week” promoted by the American Library Association (ALA). The ALA website described it as a community-building event, bringing together readers of all forms and professions to “support freedom” and “seek and express ideas”.

“We certainly welcome submissions from outside [of the library staff],” said Library Director Timothy Gerolami. “If you’re doing an honors project, or if you’re from a non-profit organization having an event on campus and wanted to promote it, that could be welcome as well.”

There have been several exhibits put on by people and organizations outside of the library staff. An exhibit featuring information regarding White Ribbon Day was put on by Jane Doe Inc., urging men to speak out against violence against women. There have also been exhibits put on by art classes, featuring art pertaining to the selected text from “One Book, One College,” a program that attempts to foster community and reading. There has even been an exhibit featuring a collection of handcuffs from a 4Cs criminal justice professor.

Any individual or group who wishes to submit a proposal for displaying an exhibit can reach out to library staff at refdesk@capecod.edu. For more information regarding exhibit policies, visit https://capecod.libguides.com/policies.