By Patrick Hardy

Most people believe that poetry is just words on paper, but it’s not. Those who write poetry let their hearts pour out onto the page in order to create a concrete representation of the way that they are feeling inside, and music only takes this process one step further.

Musicians may not seem like poets at first, but by looking at the lyrics aside from simply hearing them with their designated track people may come to realize that lyrics are poetry too.

I’m pulling from my own personal experience examining lyrics and writing my own. I’ve had people come up to me saying that it should be easy putting these words onto paper, but I must disagree.

It’s not easy to open your heart up for an audience to analyze, and musicians put themselves even more at risk as their work has the potential to be heard by millions through the radio and more.

Most creative people, including both poets and musicians, followed that path because they want people to hear their story and maybe even relate to it. That’s the reason that I find myself wanting to write lyrics.

Holding in feelings is not a healthy habit, so I highly recommend to all to try writing them out in a way that is fun, purposeful and will leave you with something that you created at the end of it.


Not Good At Goodbye

By: Patrick Hardy


“How can you tell when they keep taking people we love?

Though the memories keep me warm, help me through the pain

You’re always in my heart, I can take you anywhere I go

I know you’re not here physically, but I know you’re here in spirit

No need to cry, I’m not afraid

They say remembering helps the sadness

But the more I remember, I breakdown and cry

‘Cause I’m not good at saying goodbye…”