bruce front

Photos by Cassie LeBel

By Erin Hallam

Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) Professor Bruce Riley has taught classes such as English composition, Philosophy and Psychology for around 30 years. Even outside of the classroom, Riley can still be found teaching anything from sailing, windsurfing or even skiing.

“He is the most patient instructor I have come across in my 28 years of attending several different educational institutions,” said 4Cs student Deandra Dyer, a former student of Riley’s. “His teaching techniques are superior when compared to others. He knows his lesson very well and I love the fact that he uses real-life scenarios to explain a topic, giving students like myself a wonderful chance to relate to the subject matter.”

Dyer highly recommends any of his courses to students who wish to gain more than knowledge from a class, but rather a life-long experience as well.

“If one wants a taste of the best that 4Cs has to offer them, I strongly recommend they take a class with Bruce,” Dyer expressed.

Riley’s love for teaching stems from his enjoyment in working with people.

Though his passions lie with teaching, before Riley was hired as a professor, he did some sales within the construction industry. He also spent a large amount of time backpacking through about 20 countries worldwide.

One of Riley’s biggest endeavors included moving to Tokyo, Japan for close to 10 years, out of curiosity about what it would be like to live in a foreign country as opposed to just visiting.

“I have a ton of respect for Japanese culture; attention to detail, fairness, the food is amazing,” Riley said. “And the people I’ve met are almost always extremely generous and kind.”

Riley met his wife at an airport in Japan and they started a family together shortly after. Riley plans to continue working until his children’s college tuitions are paid off, but he hopes to eventually retire overseas.

“Maybe Thailand or Vietnam,” said Riley. “Somewhere warm with nice beaches and good food.”