1989 Main Sheet archives

Photo of 4C’s 1989 basketball team from MainSheet Archives

By Dan Maguire

Among all the draws of college, intercollegiate sports are one of the largest. Schools across the country host all kinds of various sports and compete against rival schools. Yet, here at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs), intercollegiate sports are nowhere to be found.

Current 4Cs students might be surprised to know that the college actually has a long history with collegiate sports.

“The major problem is the costs, including the uniforms, coaches, and equipment,” said Director of Student Engagement Tracy Morin. “Intramural sports give the same experience of teamwork and gratification without the costs of intercollegiate sports.”

Morin believes that intramural sports provide a comparable recreational alternative to collegiate level athletics, but the student body is split on the issue.

“We can have the same experience without the school spending any money,” said 4Cs student Brandon Bill. “As long as I’m having fun, I don’t care if it’s a recreational game or a varsity game.”

Other students may prefer intercollegiate sports for the sake of school spirit.

“I think intercollegiate sports are important because it helps form a sort of culture at the college,” said another 4Cs student, Jillian Felton. “People crave the sports culture even if the teams aren’t that great.”

Bigger universities in Massachusetts, such as Boston College and Boston University, have extremely popular intercollegiate sports programs that build a following and create a common bond that the students of these universities can share.

“It’s not just for the students, it’s beneficial for the college as a whole,” Felton said. “So the investment in sports could absolutely be worth it.”

Collegiate sports give schools a new avenue to brand and market themselves, which in turn attracts more potential students.

Without collegiate sports at 4Cs, students are forced to turn to intramurals for any organized athletics at the school. Morin welcomes all students who are interested in starting up new intramural leagues for the school and she encourages anyone to contact her with any questions they might have.

According to Morin, the school has plenty of equipment for basketball, soccer, football, kickball and other sports as well. Though it doesn’t have the same importance as collegiate level sports, at least the school is attempting to provide some form of organized athletics on campus.