New Trustee

Photograph of Emma Perry

By Maheen Ahmed

The recent Student Senate trustee election was won by Emma Perry, who is highly devoted to the Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) student body.

“I think like 78 kids voted,” said Perry about the election, which was held this past February. “It was actually really close.”

As trustee, Perry’s job is to represent the student body at both Student Senate meetings, as well as board meetings.

“As the Trustee, I want to emphasize the opportunities that exist at 4Cs,” Perry said, with enthusiasm. “My experience here has been great, and I think that is because I decided to become involved and I began challenging myself academically through the honors program. I want other students to be aware of this.”

Aside from being a part of the Student Senate, Perry is also a tutor at the Reading and Writing Resource Center, located in the MM Wilkens building.

One of the center’s learning specialists, Christie O’Campbell, described Perry as a “kind, competent student, and a wonderful asset to the Tutoring Center, as well as to 4Cs.”

Perry grew up in Brewster and chose to attend 4Cs as it was the most affordable option. However, after spending a few semesters here she had learned that the classes here also offer an exceptional education.

Most students who attend 4Cs are unaware of the Senate and what they do for the school.

Jessica Ashe, a student currently in her second semester at 4Cs, said, “I can honestly say I have not heard much about the Student Senate. I basically know nothing.”

Ashe believes that the Student Senate’s job is to “either veto or accept things such as events and ideas that other students or staff come up with.”

Though her belief is correct, the Student Senate runs into problems as the student body is not as involved as they could be.

As Trustee, Perry has plans to inform students like Ashe to encourage them to be more involved in campus life. Perry is excited for the future of the Senate and invites interested students to attend the senate meetings.

Samuel Agger, a student who is currently running for the position of President on the Student Senate believes that on top of being a good resume booster, being on the senate will teach students about politics and leadership.

Agger expresses that, “students should get involved in the Student Senate because it is a unique opportunity to have a positive influence over 4Cs.”