Harley's art, taakoo

Illustrations by Harley Turso

By James Flett

Harley Turso is one of many talented artists enrolled at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs). Turso shares their art with the world through their blog as well as their work through on-campus publications, including the 2018 edition of the arts and literary magazine Sea Change as well as multiple original submissions to The MainSheet.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time [to participate in clubs at 4Cs], but I wish I could,” said Turso. “I just join art communities online… I help other artists, and sometimes I go to conventions.”

Turso tends to focus on their art’s online presence as well as working as a freelance artist.

“I post on Twitter and Instagram and I also have a portfolio website,” Turso said. “My whole life I’ve been interested in [art]… I just started sketching when I was like a fetus, I guess.”

While Turso draws inspiration from various sources, their primary muse is video games.

“I play a lot of video games; I follow other artists… like my business card and brand for my company is based on a game called Catherine,” Turso explained.

While Turso mainly creates digital drawings, they also enjoy water-coloring as well as testing other forms of art as a hobby.

“A lot of people have sketchbooks that look like portfolios or galleries, but I’m not that type of person,” stated Turso.

Turso is from Plymouth, meaning that to get to school they must deal with a 45-minute commute, but Turso doesn’t mind too much as they’re attending 4Cs for the same reason as many of their peers do.

“I was told that it’s easier to ease into another college if you go to community college first,” Turso said, mentioning that community college makes it easier to raise your grades. “I didn’t exactly have a plan; I didn’t think I’d actually graduate high school… I’m not like other students that have already planned out (an educational) route.”

In relation to Turso’s future, they are not sure exactly what their plans are, but they do have some ideas such as continuing to freelance, or even considering journalism. While creative outlets are their main focus, they are always open to checking out other mediums of study, just to explore what’s out there.

“I’m just kind of seeing where I go with my art,” expressed Turso.

harley square titled haley2