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Photograph courtesy of theatlantic.com

By Anthony Cubellis

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and students can already be seen wearing t-shirts, shorts and dresses. These are all clear signs that spring weather is just around the corner. However, the style in which students are dressing isn’t the only thing that the warm weather is having an effect on at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs).

“People seem happier,” said 4Cs Professor John French. “People say hello to each other. The other day in the grocery store a young man even held the door for me with a smile on his face.”

French expressed that he believes winters on the Cape are “cold, dark and dreary”, but he dubs our spring as a redemption for that.

“I think [spring] is a precursor to the summer that everyone- students and faculty- can look forward to,” stated French.

Grimm Lacina is a second-year student at 4Cs who named spring as his favorite season because it acts as a reminder that summer is coming up fast.

“I love the spring weather because I don’t have to wear my gloves or big jackets,” Lacina said. “I can just wear t-shirts and shorts”.

Lacina is also a believer that the warm weather plays a part in how the students perform in their classes.

“Students do better overall because it makes them have some motivation to wake up in the morning for class,” Lacina said.

A case can be made for the flip side of this as a study by an associate professor from the Harvard Kennedy School, Joshua Goodman, made a statement in his research suggesting that “heat directly reduces the productivity of learning.”

Noah Ellis is another 4Cs student who feels like he and his peers do work harder during the warmer months of the year.

Ellis is anxiously anticipating the change in seasons so that he can start exploring the beaches of Cape Cod once again with his friends, or even go for a run outside.

“The vibes around campus are more happy and joyful,” said Ellis. “And I think it’s because [of] the weather.”