Photograph of Joe Teddy, Aphrodite Makrides and Thomas Graham

By Spencer Ames

Cape Cod Community College’s (4Cs) Seashore Café is a great spot for students on the go who want to stop and grab some breakfast and start off their day off receiving service with a smile. The small eatery can be found on campus in MM Wilkens Hall.

Seashore Café employee Alex Cooper stated that his favorite menu items were, “The coffee and food.”

Students can get a range of food from muffins to bagels, as well as an assortment of coffee flavors provided by Cape Cod Coffee.

The Seashore Café has been in service for over ten years and is run by Project Forward which is a program that offers students with learning differences the opportunity not only to take part in classes but gain work experience too.

“It really teaches you about the real job experience by helping in learning how to work with different people,” said employee John Moylan. “Working at the café teaches you how to take initiative.”

Moylan also expressed that his favorite part about working in the café is being able to interact with the customer’s that stop by.

The chance to work in a college environment is a great way to meet people and socialize with the 4Cs community. For Project Forward students, having the chance to be part of the café is a very gratifying experience.

Teri Williams has worked at the Seashore Café for ten years and has seen students come and go. She explained that each employee must go through a week-long course to be certified on the job.

“There is no greater reward than seeing the success of students,” said Williams.

Not only does the Seashore Café act as a convenient stopping place for members of the 4Cs community to grab a snack to fuel their day, but around the corner from the registers they also offer tables and outlets for students who may have five minutes to spare before class to sit down, check up on some homework and enjoy their coffee.

In recent semesters, the employees of the Seashore Café have taken to decorating what was once a fairly empty hallway to match the nautical theme of the title and liven it up for all who pass through.

Students and faculty of 4Cs are encouraged to stop by the Seashore Café on Monday-Thursday from 9 AM to 4 PM and on Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM. The 4Cs community can take advantage of the convenience and comfort that the café’ offers, and also support the hardworking group of people that makes sure the café stays open for business.