Colleen A. Coughlin

Photograph of Colleen A. Coughlin

By Maheen Ahmed

The spring semester at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) has passed its half-way mark with summer just a couple of months away. Now students must choose between a brief break from education or enrolling themselves into classes for the summer semester.

The summer semester lasts 14 weeks and begins on May 20 before ending officially on August 20.

The semester can also be divided into smaller sessions, either May 20 through July 3 or July 8 through August 22. Each of these shorter sessions lasts a period of seven weeks.

“Go on the 4Cs website, click on campus web,” said 4Cs advisor Sharon Boonstra, as she explained the process of browsing and selecting classes online. “Then the course search box [and] make sure to select summer 2018-2019 on the dropdown.”

The courses are divided by subject with an option to expand for more course information. In that expansion, classes in that subject are shown, along with their schedule, a description of the course, how many credits the class is worth and who the professor teaching the course is.

Boonstra described summer courses as a great option for students who cannot take a full-time load during the spring and fall semesters.

However, Boonstra points out, “content presented in a full normal semester will be the same [content] taught in the summer semester.”

Jan-Vitaut Pecevich, a student at 4Cs who took a summer course last year, expressed that he would recommend summer classes for other students, “but only if it is necessary to graduate on schedule.”

Although he does believe them to be worth it if you have the time to do well, Pecevich had trouble balancing the course work because it “really weighed on [his] schedule.”

Students interested in summer courses should arrange a meeting with their advisors and discuss how they should move forward. An advisor can help determine if summer courses are a viable option for the student and then they will help the student move forward in signing up from there.

Due to class availability, the sooner a student signs up then the better odds they have to avoid their class filling up. Registration for summer courses are currently open and students are encouraged to go online or see their advisor as soon as possible if they are interested in taking classes before the fall semester.