Curry College

Susan Miller, John Cox and David Szczerbacki

By Drew Gallant

Last June, leaders of both Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) as well as Curry College have officially signed an agreement that provides students who have graduated from 4Cs the opportunity to transfer to Curry College. This program will allow students to earn their bachelor’s degree through Curry’s Division of Continuing Education and Graduate Studies offered in Milton, Plymouth, or online.

Under the agreement, all 4Cs associate’s degree credits will be accepted by Curry College. A maximum of 90 credits could potentially be transferred to Curry as well, not only allowing students to study at 4Cs for three years if they so choose, but also opening an opportunity for students to save themselves a major chunk of change.

“At Curry College, we mentor and empower our students to achieve their ambitions” Curry College Provost Dr. David Szczerbacki said during the agreement signing. “In that spirit, we welcome 4Cs students and will allow them flexibility to diversify their academic portfolio and transfer into a new academic program without sacrificing credits,”

The agreement was finalized in June with Szczerbacki, along with the Director of Curry’s Plymouth campus Anne Berriault, both present and joined together with 4Cs Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Susan Miller and 4Cs President John Cox.

Curry advisors will also be providing academic advising assistance to 4Cs students to help provide them with a smooth transition into their major and keep them on track in earning their bachelor’s degree.

4Cs students will be able to advance their academic aspirations at this institution while doing so at a very affordable rate through this partnership.

“Looking at the financial implications, it’s another way we’re chipping at the cost of higher education and making it possible for people to get their bachelor’s degree.” Cox said.

Curry College’s willingness to accept up to 90 credits (30 more than a typical associate degree) from courses taken here at 4Cs is a strong endorsement of the quality of the education students receive and how highly regarded the faculty is amongst their peers.

4Cs graduates will also be eligible for a reduced per-credit tuition rate via Curry’s Education Partner Pricing. Since 2012, the collaboration of 4Cs and Curry College has been tremendous in the respect of meeting the needs of the students.

This partnership not only supports the college, but also really benefits the students and gives them a chance to obtain a high-quality education without taking on crippling amounts of financial debt.