Photograph courtesy of “The Pit”

By Anthony Cubellis

When you feel stressed on campus where do you go to release it? During the semester students across the campus can be seen stressing about the amount of homework that they get, the number of projects that must be done, as well as the amount of studying they must do when it comes time for exams.

Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) students around campus were interviewed to find out the best tactics to get rid of stress at school.

“I like to go to the Wilkins Library, it’s a quiet place to work and usually there are other students in there that can help you.” Said student Kelsey Salamone when asked where she goes on campus when she’s feeling stressed.

“To me, stress is anything that makes you worry or something. For example: passing your classes.” Said Salamone.

“It’s something that impacts your mind in a bad way.” Said 4Cs student Bobby Roderick.

Roderick stated that when he’s stressed, he goes to the top floor of the Grossman commons to clear his head because that is where his friends are. He also found that seeing his advisor to talk about his problems was a helpful experience.

The bulk of Roderick’s stress comes towards the end of the semester which most students can relate.

This includes Dakota Marshall who said that he feels stressed “right before finals because you usually have to do good on them to pass for the semester.”

Marshall heads to the gym when he needs to deal with his stress levels.

Everybody experiences stress at one point or another but the ways of coping with stress often vary. Whether it’s heading to the library for some quiet time, talking it through with someone, or even hitting the gym to work out your problems there are plenty of on-campus options to deal with stress before it becomes a larger problem.