Scholarship Season edit

Photograph from CCCC’s Archives

By Samantha Rathbun

Every spring semester, the Cape Cod Community College(4Cs) Education Foundation provides students with the opportunity to be awarded anywhere from $500 to $5,000 in scholarships to further their education. Year after year many students miss out on this opportunity simply because they do not know about it.

“Last year, only 400 students applied for scholarships out of some 3,000 enrolled,” said Judy Widger, the Finance and Database Administrator of the 4Cs Education Foundation. “We don’t understand why more [students] don’t [apply].”

Widger explained that the main problem is that students believe the scholarship application process is extremely time-consuming and has no real purpose. They believe that they have no chance to win one at all, therefore they never even take the time to sit down and finish it.

“A hundred thirty scholarships, a hundred thirty different criteria,” said Widger “Complete the general application, including a small essay, then look at what’s recommended for you, see if any of those things are what you want to do the extra work.”

The entire process to complete scholarship applications is easy enough for anyone to follow. Students should visit, create an account, fill out the general application which will sign them up for scholarships automatically, look over their recommended scholarships that need more documents such as letters of recommendation, then upload them to the website.

Josh Richards, 4Cs Education Foundation’s Coordinator of Alumni Engagement in Special Events said, “It’s [the student’s] job to worry about getting that 20-minute application done, knowing that they’re going to apply for something.”

Students are not required to look through each of the 130 scholarships one at a time, but rather fill out the general application which only takes around 30 minutes and then let the computer and reviewers handle the rest.

“Set a half hour aside to sit down and look at it. A lot of students will look at the card or their professor will tell them about it and they’ll go on their laptop after class, but not give themselves enough time to actually get into it before they have to go somewhere else,” said Richards.

Students should not be worried that they are not qualified for scholarships. Richards could not stress enough that everyone is qualified, no matter what their background.

“If you look at it from the scholarship side, you’ll have some scholarships where 200 students are qualified and have applied for it and some that three people qualify and have applied for, which is pretty good odds,” said Richards. “If you look at the scholarship, it will vary a lot, but if you look at it per student, every student is going to be qualified for something.”

4Cs Student, Hansol Tice, was awarded a scholarship during the 2017 Fall Semester. She explained how easy and carefree the whole process was.

“It wasn’t that hard. The only requirement I needed was to be a STEM major as well as be a full-time student,” said Tice. “I have gotten two so far. They are both STEM scholarships that I applied for. For a total, I won $1,633.”

According to Tice, scholarships helped her with the stress of paying tuition for a semester or two.

“It gives me more time to focus on my education,” Tice explained. “It gives less pressure to my parents to help me pay for my schooling.”

Students can read a list of all the scholarships offered at 4Cs online at the same website they can fill out the application:

If a student wishes to apply for scholarships, the deadline is March 18th, 2019. Students should also make sure that they can attend the “Night of Excellence” on May 16th at 5:30 P.M., where students who have been awarded scholarships are recognized and get to meet their donors.