futsal option 2

By Mary Ventura

Though the game of soccer can’t be played as easily this time of year out in the cold air, Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) is hosting the sport indoors for the winter.

Futsal, also known as indoor soccer, is coordinated on campus by the Cape Cod Futsal League. The league has recently started up again and will continue for several weeks this winter.

The games are held inside the 4Cs Life Fitness Center Gymnasium located on the west side of campus. Games take place each Friday night at 7 PM and 8 PM, with each game lasting approximately fifty minutes.

Games are refereed by a qualified official. Team coaches are optional and may be parents or volunteers.

The winter Futsal league welcomes all ages to play. There are currently several teams consisting of only high schoolers.

“It’s very laid back and casual, but also competitive and fun,” said Kate Gabri on Friday night, after winning a close game.

Futsal is a great way for competitive soccer players to continue training throughout the off-season.

Participants’ parents are pleased with the benefits of this winter sport. Mike Hesse, the father of one of the players, said he is happy with the routine exercise and socialization that futsal provides his daughter.

“My daughter has met several new girls over the past few years of playing futsal and they’ve been great friends ever since,” Hesse said.

Walking into the gym, spectators can feel the motivated energy from the rushing feet and vibrations of music. Players are fueled by the adrenaline that the competition and the music give them as they play.

The rules of the game are similar to those of outdoor soccer, but with a few important changes. The list of official futsal rules and more information on the sport can be found on the official Cape Cod Futsal website.

For those not into playing the sport, all are welcome to join the spectators to support the teams from the sidelines. For more information or to register a team of players, visit: http://www.capecodfutsal.com.