Fitness Class option 2

By Erin Hallam

Looking for a way to tone up that bod before beach season hits the Cape? There are many fitness classes and opportunities to exercise that are offered on campus and yet it seems like most students have no idea where to get started.

Head to Toe is one of the free fitness classes offered at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) and it is taught by Nancy McIver. From yoga and Pilates, to aerobics, and even weight lifting classes like Head to Toe, McIver has taught a wide range of fitness classes for over 20 years. The Head to Toe class works to target and tone each individual muscle. Participants will break a sweat, though each workout can be modified to suit a person’s needs and preferences.

“The Head to Toe class is a weight training style class. We do exercises that will concentrate on all your major muscle groups from your head to your toe to help add muscle mass to your body,” said McIver. “I like to add a few abdominal exercises and a nice stretch at the end. It’s a full body workout and you can be in and out of the gym in 30-45 minutes.”

All 4Cs students, faculty, and alumni are welcome to use the on-campus fitness center and all the classes that it offers. The fitness center has recently been remodeled, adding new equipment as well as new floors. The fitness center is located beside the Campus Life offices, next to parking lot 11.

“The classes are meant to attract people with all different fitness levels so the Head to Toe class is a great class for beginners to start. We show you what to do and how to do it,” McIver said. “It’s also a nice option for someone that’s looking for a jump-start back into their fitness routine, or maybe looking for a few new exercises to try.”

The Head to Toe class has a few very dedicated attendees who show up every single week, even twice a week sometimes, because they love it that much. One of these individuals is Trisha Brisee, an employee at 4Cs in the registration office.

“It’s like having a personal trainer but for free,” Brisee said. “She’s an awesome teacher because she’s amazing with helping you to not to hurt yourself. She shows us how to do each position properly. I’ve had a knee issue and I have yet to injure my bad knee since taking this class.”

The only requirement to attend these classes is a valid 4Cs ID. The class is held on Mondays and Thursdays from 12:15 PM to 12:45 PM, making it an ideal way to spend breaks between classes or to mix up your lunchtime routine.

When she’s not teaching, McIver is almost always at the front desk in the gym and is excited to see new faces trying out her classes. Her energy is infectious and she puts her best foot forward to help anyone on campus that might be looking to improve their fitness.

“Come in and check us out,” McIver said. “We have a little something for everybody.”