A piece of art from Anonymous

By Maheen Ahmed

Student art is present and ready to greet anyone who may walk through the Tilden Arts Center at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs). Whether through the multitude of class projects that line the walls as a display or through scheduled student showcases, there is no shortage of art within this campus community.

4Cs offers many art courses and students have the ability to earn an Associates of Arts degree, in Graphic Design, and in Visual Arts.

Enrolling in one of the many art classes that the college offers is the easiest way to ensure that your art will be seen.

4Cs student Tish Vargas, who is currently taking a design class, discussed her views on the art programs offered at the school.

“They are very in depth, and challenging in a positive way,” Vargas said.

She is one of many students that has “a little accordion book” on display next to Professor Sara Ringler’s office in the basement of the Tilden’s Art Center. These books are result of a project in one of her art classes.

While taking an art class is the perfect stepping stone into featuring your work on campus, it is not the only option available to artists.

Artists who would like to have their own artwork around campus, should set up a meeting with Vana Trudeau, who is the Tilden Arts Center Coordinator.

Artists that use concrete media that provide visual results are more likely to be seen and discussed. Music isn’t as easy to put out onto campus due to the planning that’s in showcasing it, but students should not feel discouraged.

Aspiring musicians can get in contact with music Professor’s Joseph Marchio or Jerry Skelley, or Trudeau to set up a time and place for a performance.

According to Trudeau, aside from setting up a personal performance, the school also offers “coordinated events through the Janus Club, our student drama club.” At the club meetings, if requested, they may have open mic nights.

“[Open mic nights] can be music, it can be an open monologue, short poetry piece, it can be just about anything,” said Trudeau.

The college has many option’s available to those interested in the arts and having their work featured on campus. Take advantage of these opportunities and reach out to someone today about having your work featured at 4Cs.