Police bike training from Spring 2018

By Sam Albright

Unlike many other campuses across the nation, Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) does not require students to scan their school ID cards in order to gain access buildings. Yet our campus remains safer than most due to efforts made not only by campus police, but by 4Cs students themselves.

“People always think, ‘it can’t happen to me,’” said Chief of Police, Maria Padilla “But then it does.”

Campus officers are trained in several ways to respond to various crises, and multiple trainings may overlap. For example, an officer may be “ALICE” trained, which is training on reacting to an active shooter. That same officer could also have completed “Stop the Bleed” training and is now prepared to assist someone who may be bleeding out should such an emergency arise.

One wall featured within our on-campus police office is home to a handful of training certificates obtained by our officers. Those are just a small portion of the total completed trainings.

In addition, Padilla said that based on student participation and the number who sign up, the police hold interactive drills and presentations as often as possible.

Bullet shields and bulletproof vests are stored all over campus in the event of an active shooter.

The staff hold regular meetings to discuss changes in law, such as recent legislation involving vaping and marijuana usage. According to Padilla, the school has just finished developing an evacuation plan in case of emergencies. She also stated that consideration must be given to methods in assisting students with disabilities who may find it difficult to exit the building.

Padilla said that 4Cs is a part of a community, and as such, shouldn’t be treated with a sense of isolation. Being a part of such a community means that keeping a look out for our fellow members is vital.

Padilla has taken several steps to help keep us more connected both on and off campus. Campus police have 4C’s ID card holders and pop sockets available in their office featuring their contact information.

Campus police are now also in constant radio contact with other departments in the area, including the Barnstable Police Department.

Students can take action into their own hands by participating in the various trainings held here, as well as being vigilant and notifying police if there is any suspicious activity.

“I feel that school safety is an important matter. At most colleges I’ve been to there are buttons on street lights to press if you feel unsafe at school, walking to classes, walking to your car, and even to your dorms,” said 4C’s student Jess O’Brien. “I do believe our school does keep a close eye on this issue, but adjustments do need to be made.”

If you have any questions, or if you want to obtain an ID card holder or pop socket, or even if you’ve lost an item on campus, stop by the campus police office located on the ground floor of the Grossman Commons building or call their number at: 774-330-4349