Learning Specialist Christine O’Campbell assists students in the RWRC

By: Cassie LeBel

“We all need help,” said Richard Norwood, a learning specialist from the Reading and Writing Research Center (RWRC), in an attempt to encourage students to seek out academic support at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs).

The RWRC is located in the Maureen M. Wilkins building, Room 108, and is one of four means of finding on campus tutoring through professional and peer tutors.
Down the hall from the RWRC is the Tutoring Center, Room 111. There is also the Math Learning Center (MLC) which can be found in the science building, Room 112 and the Science Lab which is located in Science G05. All four locations offer one-on-one tutoring, but each center has a different academic purpose to better help students across the board.

At the Tutoring Center appointments can be made for a tutoring session in subjects throughout the curriculum. An appointment can be made for a 25 or 55 minute session with either a professional or peer tutor. To make an appointment students can call, go online, or simply stop by the Tutoring Center in person.
“It’s a very friendly, open environment,” said Paulina O’Hara, one of many peer tutors from the center. “We’re here to help.”

Students who find themselves struggling in math or English can stop by the Math Learning Center or the Reading and Writing Research Center for a range of help that spans from tutoring sessions to simply asking a question to help in better understanding an assignment.

Often times, students will be able to connect with a tutor who has taken the same class as them. Christine O’Campbell, another learning specialist from the RWRC states that she loves the range of students that come through “and the way they can rely on each other to learn through shared classes.”
With ten available computers, the RWRC also provides a place where students can go to write their essays. Even if they don’t need help initially, they know that there are sources nearby ready to guide them during any part of the process.
“We provide services to help students because we are interested in student success,” said Norwood.

Tutoring services are not just utilized by those in danger of failing, but rather looked upon as an opportunity by those simply looking to gain the most out of their academic experience at 4Cs.