By Peter McPherson and Ethan Mulcahy

As many may already know, there are police officers on campus here at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) who work to keep the community safe, but there are more than one type of officers who work to keep the campus safe.

“The college has full time police officers who work during school hours in the week” says Maria Padilla, Chief of Police at 4Cs. “But there are also less experienced officers who work night shifts as well as during the weekend, when there are not so many people on campus. The only big difference between these officers is their skill level. The ones who work during school hours during the week are the most skilled officers on campus since they work at the most busy times.”

The overnight officers have a variety of duties that they carry out while keeping watch over the campus. The officers ensure that nobody has illegally parked overnight or breaking any other laws while on College property. Unlike daytime campus police, those keeping watch overnight do not carry firearms but they are able to call for more backup in the event of something major occurring.

“Having these less trained officers during less popular hours is very beneficial to the college,” Padilla said. “It helps free up the full time officers schedule and the college doesn’t have to pay for full time officers around the clock.”

All campus police can be contacted by phone at all times. To contact police students and faculty just need to call 3333 on a campus phone. Many of the phones around campus even have a sign next to them that has this number on it for people to dial in an emergency. The number for people to call from their cell phones is 508.362.2131. This is the directory for contacting different departments on campus. An automated voice on the phone will answer and tell the caller the different numbers to press in order to contact different departments, but you don’t even have to listen to the voice, as soon as the call gets through you can just press 3 and it will direct you to the campus police. Too few people on campus know this

“Someone will always pick up the phone when you call even at night or on weekends, whether it is answered in the security office or an officer’s cell phone who is on campus,” Padilla said. “Sometimes when there is nobody in the security office, the numbers are transferred to one of the officer’s cell phone.” This transfer of numbers however does not change the number to dial.

Even if you forget the number to call for campus police, you can just dial 911 and it will go right to Barnstable Police Department. The Police Department will then contact campus police and inform them of what the call was about.