By MainSheet Mechanic

Among the rows of parked, compacted cars at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs), there are a few unique vehicles that stand out; one being, Professor James Kershner’s 2011 Mazda MX-5, commonly referred to as the Miata.
“The Miata is the perfect combination of a sports car but it’s also a very reliable vehicle,” said Kershner. “This Miata has never broken down on me and it’s just as much fun.”
Kershner had always admired the sports car when he had to lug his family around in a van but never fully understood the hype until he got behind the wheel of his own.
“I look forward to getting behind the wheel every day,” said Kershner.
Woods Hole on Cape Cod is one of Kershner’s favorite places to drive, as well as the Blue Ridge parkway. Kershner embarks on a yearly trip on the Blue Ridge parkway to Asheville, North Carolina.
In the past years Kershner had completed the journey on his motorcycle but last fall he had been involved in a motorcycle accident. Kershner was severely injured and was left with a long road toward recovery. He was forced to surrender his motorcycle and still to this day has a hard time using the shifter in his Miata due to his injured shoulder.
“One of my colleagues here at work, Jean Marie Frasier, had a cute little green Mazda Miata convertible,” said Kershner. “I always told her I wanted a car just like that.”
Frasier notified Kershner that there was a nearby dealership that was selling a Miata much like her own which was heavily discounted. Kershner purchased a similar green Miata and had it for 10 years before deciding to trade it up to the 2011 model.

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