Cape Cod Community College’s (4Cs) student broadcasting team: Courtney O’Brien and Holly O’Brien, were among four finalists honored out of hundreds of entries in the category of Specialty Radio Show, at this year’s Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) conference, Saturday March 3, 2018 in New York City. Their entry, was an unedited recording of a show titled, “Nyla and Momo” focusing on “e-sports” that they produced on the College’s radio station WKKL. They received the trophy during Saturday’s (3/3/2018) awards ceremony at the 78th annual IBS conference in New York City.
E-sports is an up-and-coming form of sport competition, all computer-based, with players all over the world. As is the case in actual sports, national and international competitors are highly paid professionals. Most e-sports competitors and aficionadas are men. “Nyla and Momo” bucked the male stereotype.
4Cs was the smallest school represented in the 2018 IBS awards, and one of only a very small number of community colleges. Many of the winning programs were based at large institutions including: University of Virginia, Simmons College, University of Massachusetts, Kansas State University, Nassau (NY) Community College, and Indiana University.
The Golden Microphone trophy earned by the O’Brien sisters and presented to 90.7 WKKL, “The Cape’s Commercial Free Alternative,” will reside in the station’s broadcasting center, according to Station General Manager Naomi Arenberg, who was the radio broadcasting instructor for the sisters last Fall. According to Arenberg, the two created “Nyla and Momo” to fulfill a course requirement that they host a weekly radio show – and it became an award winner.

-Michael Gross