By Emma Field

Ever since the end of the Major League Baseball World Series, fans have been patiently awaiting the upcoming 2018 season. February, the start of spring training, is a look into what the season could bring for the 30 teams in the MLB.
The Boston Red Sox had a winning season with a competitive schedule last year, finishing first in the east conference, with 93 wins, 69 losses, and are looking to have a more successful season this year. Not having signed any new pitchers, fans along with coaches hope star pitcher, Chris Sale who had a record of 308 strikeouts last season alone will be healthy throughout the entirety of the 2018 season. After carrying the team through multiple wins last season, Sale was burnt out by playoffs and did not play in the postseason.
New general manager, Alex Cora played with the Red Sox from 2005 to 2008. This past October, Cora was signed for three years with the Boston Red Sox. This being his first major league management position, baseball experts say Cora is a perfect fit for the team since he was a player himself and he can relate more to his players. Cora is focused on bringing more aggression to the hitting game with Right Fielder Mookie Betts and Left Fielder Andrew Benintendi who had impressive batting statistics last season as a rookie. Center Fielder Jackie Bradley Jr., Betts, and Benintendi are arguably the best defensive three players in the MLB.

New Red Sox manager Alex Cora Photo Credit USA Today

Fans are hopeful to win another World Series.
“I’m beyond pumped to see how the season will play out. The roster has a lot of good players and a new coach. I’m excited to see how the new coach [Alex Cora] will lead the team,” said Christian Gardiner, a sophomore at 4Cs.
The Sox are determined to sign free agent D.H. Martinez, who looks like a promising designated hitter and with Cora’s goal to add umph behind the plate, Martinez would be a perfect item to the team.
The Sox take on the Minnesota Twins in their first spring training game at 1:05 PM on February 23.