By Andrew Schwarzer

On Monday, February 27th, the Radio Club met with the Student Senate to request money for new supplies.

WKKL program director Caleb “CJ” Loverro had requested $6,075 for items like campus speakers, software, supplies, and even a t-shirt press. He attended the meeting with Radio Club Treasurer Douglas Pocknett and News Director Richard Peters. Loverro spoke about how campus speakers would increase awareness about WKKL. “The speakers would be in five places around the campus,” said Loverro. He listed the five places including outside WKKL, upstairs in Grossman Commons, the cafeteria, and in the North-South connector.  On the other hand, Senate Advisor David Briggs raised the issue of approval.

“I see a lot of concerns,” Biggs said, “Get clearance from testing, advisors, in those areas affected.”

They discussed the location of the speakers and the possibility of using the existing speakers in Grossman Commons.

“Not everyone may like hearing music,” said Biggs, “that’s what happened when WKKL used those speakers years ago.”

 “We need a guarantee that the speakers (and music) have been approved,” added Vice President Joseph Antosca.

Loverro discussed how having a t-shirt press could be used for the college. He explained that the Radio Club could be a “hub” for the campus. The club could make t-shirts for other clubs, and school events.

“We [the Student Senate] are going to steal the idea from WKKL and get a T-shirt press for all the clubs,” President Cameron Dixon said. However, the t-shirt press funds were not approved for the Radio Club.

Loverro mentioned the Radio Club’s need for another mixer.

“Brian Rice has three mixers, the third one is portable,” Biggs cited, “It may be worth checking with Brian.”

With a motion by Maciel and a second by Dixon, the Student Senate approved $2,000 for the Radio Club. The funds will go to buy items like general supplies, field expenses, and industry periodicals. The funds for the mixer and speakers were not approved. The Radio Club will be able to buy Adobe software, speakers and cameras for podcasting as well.