By Ben Thompson

Cape Cod Community College’s Coaches & Mentors program celebrated its 30th birthday recently, and with that, the program celebrated 30 consecutive years of success.

Students involved in the program are assigned an advisor who will aid the student in one-on-one work, providing students with motivation and support to complete their classwork to the best of their ability. The program also provides academic support, career support, and workshops.

The Coaches and Mentors program has remained a popular program within the college, and has helped students achieve their powerful futures at 4Cs for many years, having grown from 25 students in 1986 to over 160 participating students in 2014.

Alice Walmsley, who had signed up for the Coaches and Mentors program, voiced her support of the program.

“It’s a really good program. [The advisor] is very involved,” Walmsley said, “You really feel edified that you know that you’re helping someone, and it really makes you feel really good about doing the whole program.”

 “The program is designed for students enrolled in any Associate in Science degree, or certificate programs,” said Theresa Bowse, who is the Special Programs Coordinator for Coaches & Mentors, “Students enrolled in selected Associate in Arts programs are also eligible.”

The program offers students an encouraging and supportive environment that can help levy the challenges of college coursework, according to Bowse.

The effects of being enrolled in the program are visible to not just students, but to the faculty of the college as well. Professor Patricia Allen, though not a Health Studies professor, has seen success in her students who are part of the program.

“People who are in that program have a much higher rate of graduating at the college in general, and they’re much more successful because they provide really excellent support services for students,” Allen said. Allen used to be a tutor for the Coaches & Mentors Program.

Students interested in applying to become a part of the program are encouraged to contact Theresa Bowse at for an appointment to determine eligibility. They can be found in the M. M. Wilkens Hall (or South Building) in rooms 232 and 233.

“A central goal of the program is to help you establish a personal connection with the college,” Bowse said.