By Adrian Harris

Popping off jokes as professors begin to arrive, Interim Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Administration Paul Alexander prepared for a career changing evaluation.

“Over the course of the last six months we’ve had a great opportunity to put him to the test,” said Dr. John Cox, President of Cape Cod Community College. With the Interim period coming to an end this evaluation will decide if Alexander advances to be the next Associate VP of Human Resources.

For the past twenty years Alexander has been working in the field of human resources and most recently was a human resources business partner at Tufts University. He feels he can apply the skills and knowledge he has acquired over time to improve the relationship between the staff and Human Resources department at 4Cs.

“When you talk to people in human resources, you should find their passion,” said Alexander. He explained that by finding what they are truly passionate about in human resources he can position them to where they can be best utilized.

For the last forty years, Alexander has worked as a volunteer paramedic as well as working for various companies and institutions, he feels the two professions are much more similar than most would assume. “I’ve always said everyone in human resources should be a medic, when you call 911 the person who answers must know how to help in any situation, the same should be with human resources,” said Alexander.

Expanding further on the comparison between human resources and being a paramedic, Alexander outlined his personal philosophy on how he operates and how he can improve the relationship between the human resources department and the staff. His philosophy, C.P.R., follows these criteria:

C- Stands for Confidentiality: “Am I able to hold onto what people tell me, and keep their trust?”

P- Stands for Professionalism: “Am I respectful and courteous?”

R- Stands for Responsiveness: “Am I available whenever you need me, and am I attentive to your needs?”

“I may arrive later in the morning, but I am always here three or four hours after I arrive,” said Alexander, explaining his availability.

Another huge hurdle that Alexander plans to improve between the staff of 4Cs and the human resources department is communication. “I am certain there are more ways to communicate more clearly” said Alexander. By opening a forum up between the staff and human resources they can effectively improve the college by sharing policies and help the staff and professors have an easier time doing their job.

“As a medic if I don’t pay attention to the problem, the patient may die, so that is the same attitude I have for human resources,” said Alexander.

By keeping the channels of communication clear and open to all members of the staff the college will function much smoother and with less hiccups. “I have made no secret and there is no question that I want to work here.” said Alexander ending his evaluation, and putting the fate of his acceptance into the hands of his peers.