By Rachel Milan

David Ortiz, AKA Big Papi, was a huge asset to the Boston Red Sox. He played his last season last year and it was a great one, playing first base and being a designated hitter.
Xander Bogaerts, who has set a goal of stealing at least 20 bases, is not sure Ortiz’s retirement will turn the Sox loose, according to the Boston Globe.

Ortiz was dedicated to the Red Sox for fourteen years, won three World Series, and numerous awards. He took his last game on October 2, 2016, setting the record with 541 homeruns, he truly was an MVP. What’s going to happen this year without him?

Image courtesy of the Boston Globe.
Image courtesy of the Boston Globe.

“Papi is irreplaceable but they will make up for him with their pitching staff, they will replace him by getting a stronger pitching staff with this left handed pitcher Chris Sale,” said big fan of the Red Sox and Cape Cod Community College professor George Bent. “They could win the World Series even though the Cubs are favored to win.”

The Red Sox have lost a powerful hitter, no doubt about that. With spring training already started, the Sox are on their way.

“Maybe now we’ll be more creative. But we still have a lot of great hitters,” said Bogaerts. This season coming up will be the first season where Ortiz will not be in the team’s lineup.
Ortiz’s last season made the price of the tickets go up, no one wanted to miss his last season. “I think the tickets sales will go up but the price of the tickets will stay the same,” said Bent.

It was stated on the Red Sox website that they are planning to retire Ortiz’s number and that game is going to be June 23, 2017. His number will be up along with Martinez, Boggs, Robinson and other well-known players. His number will be the eleventh number to retire. This is will be the first time they retire a number within a year of their retirement. That is how big of an impact David Ortiz was.

Ortiz was not only a great baseball player, he was a hero to some people, he had a great attitude for the game and the city of Boston. With his whole speech on the Boston Bombing, where he claimed, “This is our City!” He made the city closer to the game. Big Papi is missed, but he will not be forgotten among Sox fans.

Opening Day will take place at Fenway Park on April 3.