By Caleb Havalotti

Fried egg sandwiches sizzle on the grill alongside hot burgers, and fried plantains compliment an early lunch of jag rice and berry-strewn salad. Students who are barely awake suddenly find themselves with the comforting choice of an early lunch or a timely breakfast.

Approximately 130 students and faculty members signed a petition last week asking the kitchen to extend breakfast from its early cutoff time of 10:30 a.m. The petition, using the tried-and-tested negotiation method of shooting high and hoping to meet in the middle, asked for breakfast to be served right up until one pm, with an all-day affair on Mondays. The kitchen has indeed met in the middle, opting to serve custom-made sandwiches and eggs until noon.

The campus kitchen, rather than being an extension of the school belongs to a private company called Unidine, which services many campus kitchens, most of whom stop serving breakfast as early as 10am.

“We’ve always had a good relationship with the students,” said Jodie Tulloch, Food Service Manager of the kitchen for the last twelve years. “If they have an idea, we will try to accommodate it”.

Many students have classes running until 10:45, 11:15, or 11:30, prefer breakfast over lunch at those times. Most people want breakfast when they wake up, no matter what time it is. “More hours allows flexibility for students who come in early to study, or have a class time that keeps them from eating breakfast,” said James Towle, a student since 2012.

Those hoping for an all-day affair with pancakes and omelets may have to wait a bit longer. Whether the kitchen will extend its breakfast options further will largely depend on a number of factors, such as sales and the extra space required to offer more food. Most of the food required (bacon, ham, breads, potatoes), are already made available for lunch. Keeping eggs and roasted potatoes handy is a small stretch. For now, egg sandwiches, yogurt, home fries or tater tots, fruit, and oatmeal will happily help the distant generations meet and socialize as they have worldwide since time immemorial, over food.