By Noah Mabile

Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) is seen by some who attend it as a fortuitous school, especially when it comes to quality of instructors and staff who have chosen to spend their time here. One professor in particular, Fredrick “Rick” Bsharah, has been making waves at 4Cs ever since 2007.

Bsharah is the Assistant Professor and Department Chair of the Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Technology. He is respected and liked by students and faculty alike.

“He is an awesome instructor devoted to student success and successful student engagement.” said STEM Academic Advisor Colleen Coughlin.

It’s not just in the classroom that Bsharah excels. He has gone above and beyond in his duties as a professor, and continues to consistently go out of his way to help his students.
One way he has helped his students is by leading them towards engineering internship opportunities. “We have learned from our industry advisory group that there is a need for interns,” Bsharah said.

The 3D printer at 4Cs was provided with Bsharah’s help as well, and was funded through a grant provided by Guided Pathways to STEM (GPSTEM), a program put into place by the Department of Labor.

Having spent over thirty years working for Boeing and Ford, Bsharah decided to continue his career as an instructor by passing his skills and experience to the next generation.
“Prior to moving to the Cape, I taught as an adjunct faculty member when I lived in California, in UCLA’s Extension program,” Bsharah said. “The course I taught was on systems design and I found the interaction with the students to be very rewarding. Almost immediately I knew it was something I wanted to continue to do.”

Bsharah is an expert in product and process development, innovative processes, quality management and manufacturing engineering. He is also trained in lean manufacturing techniques. Furthermore, he is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, a specialist trained in techniques to mitigate problems and improve quality.

Bsharah also had participated in setting automotive engineering standards worldwide.
“I chaired the Long Term Archiving & Retrieval Project within a standards association known as the Strategic Automotive Product Data Standards Industry Group (SASIG),” Bsharah said. He went on to explain that SASIG “is comprised of automotive industry organizations from North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific,” and “serves as a forum to develop global standards, guidelines and recommendations, and promote implementation of automotive engineering standards.”

It is comforting to know that 4Cs has staff like Rick Bsharah and many more who call 4Cs home after such a longstanding and successful career.